BET Rebrand

A New Canvas

In 2021 BET knew it was time to evolve their brand to the next level and to modernize their identity. While at Sibling Rivalry, I had the pleasure of working with the talented team at BET along with the team below to spend eight months creating the brand identity “Black Canvas.”

The core formo of the identity was built around a new logomark that not only changed it’s shape, but built an entire icon system for all of the sub-brands within the BET family umbrella. From there, everything from color, to brand elements, marketing, pring & ooh, swag, typography and social was developed.


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COO + PRINCIPAL : Joe Wright
CREATIVE DIRECTION : Alexis Ames & Rosie Garschina
PRODUCERS : Katherine Henderson, Gary Encarnacion
DESIGNERS : Larisa Martin, Gustavo Dao, Maggie Tsao, Leena Murdeshwar, Austin Watts.
LOGO DESIGNER : Pamela Olecki
ANIMATION : Benjamin Nichols, Olga Povarchuk, Edwin Santacruz.
Created at Sibling Rivalary Studio

Alexis Ames ___ ©2024___ Portland, OR  ︎