_Coming Out Day 2020


Facebook Coming Out Day 2020

National Coming Out Day was on Sunday October 11th, 2020 and to help kick-off the momentus day, Scout Productions + Facebook created an hour long special to air on the Facebook Watch Channel. The special is loaded with LGBTQ celebs, icluding Tan France, Demi Lovato, Trixie Mattel, Law Roach and many others. I worked with the amazing team at Sibling Rivalry to develop the Logo, Design System and Package to immerse this special in the colors of pride. We presented four ideas to the client and went with the direction named Loud + Proud. Together with the great team listed below we designed and animated the entire package in two weeks. This was such an honor to work on. And, if you can watch a re-air of the special - it’s worth every moment. 

Owner + Creative Director : Joe Wright   
Creative Direction + Design : Alexis Ames
Design Elements + Icons : Larisa Martin
Producer : Nina Goldberg
Senior Animation : Mauricio Leon
Animation : Maha Mohtaseb
Toolkit Build : Dennis Cheung
Created at SiblingRivalry for Scout Productions + Facebook

Alexis Ames ___ ©2024___ Portland, OR  ︎