Netflix Personalized Viewing Experience


This was an amazing project to collaborate on with the Netflix internal team. The task at hand was to develop a deign system that would help promote similar content to viewers based on their watching habits. Netflix would gather the live date and match the viewers based on a percentage match. The designs developed were made to create a unique system for Netflix and the team to to update the content and videos and the titles and then render out sequences for viewers. This page is a mix of two of the systems I developed for this project. The first, which was entitlted, Compass was a navigational graphic device using the “N” of the Netflix logo as the ‘true north’ of the design. It would move in different directions and navigate viewers through their recommendations. The second direction, Mainframe, which was the concept that was fully developed and delivered used a modular design that made it feel as if these were truly being developed in real time.

COO + PRINCIPAL : Scott Matz
PRODUCER : Javier Gonzales
ANIMATION : Andy Cheung
Created at Thornberg and Forester


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