Ras Baraka Audiobook Campaign

A Radical Imagination

Ras Baraka, the 40th Mayor of Newark, a born politician, activist and spoken word poet relased his first Audiobook in 2022. Ras, through Audible, approached the studio Sibling Rivalry to develop the full campaign and creative for this launch.

After listening to a few of his chapters, I had my idea for how to bring this to life. Ras spoke of having a ‘Radical Imagination’ and through his visionary words, in the direction I developed, I invited listeners into a dream-like memoir.

I used layered images and handwritten typography to emulate the community Ras has built over his life. This layered visual approach gave the direction depth and history to strike parallels between the struggles of the past and the path that imagination can take us on moving forward.

On top of developing the visual branding and video compenents of this launch, I worked closely with the team at S/R to produce the shoot from start to finish. Researching locations, developing shoot mood boards, selecting wardrobe and props on-set and creating the production book for this one-day fast paced shoot.

COO + PRINCIPAL : Mikon Van Gastel
PRODUCER : Kathy Kelehan
Writer : Allison Gutman
ANIMATION : Edwin Santacruz
Created at Sibling Rivalary Studio

:30 Script

[VO] Kids have dreams. Their dreams are just like everyone else’s dreams. First when you’re a baby you want to be Superman.

[VO] Then you dream you want to have big houses and travel and take care of yourself and your family and have money. You don’t want to be poor.

[VO] We have to imagine something different. To have a radical imagination.

[VO] To think about a place that’s different than the one you’ve been forced to be in.

Episode 1, 20:00


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